Japan Vehicle Auctions

Motor Grupo has buyers at vehicle auctions in both Japan and Thailand, where you can bid on vehicles coming up for auction, with over 150,000 vehicles per week there is plenty to choose from.

For further information on purchasing vehicles directly from auction please contact us.

How auctions operate in Japan:

Vehicles to be auctioned are transported to auction sites by the morning of the day before the auction, vehicles are usually delivered around the clock, at the largest Auction there can be up to 20,000 vehicles auctioned in one day.

Auction vehicle inspectors impartially grade vehicles in line with auction grade evaluation standards.

Vehicles are photographed and uploaded to the database along with the results of the inspection, which is generally refered to as the “Auction Sheet”.

Vehicles are then parked in the auction yard or parking buildings which are numbered (most of the time) in numerical order, these vehicles are open to inspection by auction members. You as the customer can also preview the vehicles using our auction website on the Internet from any where in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Members must display their ID cards when they enter or leave auction sites, if a customer would like to come to an auction we can arrange a visitor pass for the day.

While at the auction you can search for the vehicles you have in mind on our online auction website or you can search the information on the terminals installed in the auction sites.

SAL avoids potential problems that might occur after successfully bidding for a vehicle, by physically inspecting the vehicles at auction.

Cars are arranged in different corners (sections) of auction sites, auctions are simultaneously held for between two and twelve vehicles. It takes about 20 seconds to complete a contract for one vehicle.

This is the weekly Auction Schedule that we attend auctions in Japan.









GNN Osaka
Honda Fukuoka
Honda Hokkaido
Honda Kansai
Honda Nagoya
Honda Sendai
Honda Tokyo
JU Tokyo
USS R Nagoya
ARAI Sendai
CAA Gifu
CAA Tokyo
CAA Touhoku
GE Tokyo
JU Mie
JU Nagano
JU Saitama
JU Shizuoka
JU Yamaguchi
NPS Osaka
NPS Tokio
ORIX Sendai
SAA Sapporo
TAA Hiroshima
TAA Kinki
TAA Kyushu
TAA Minamikyu
TAA Shikoku
USS Yokohama
ZIP Tokyo
CAA Chubu
FAA Shizuoka
GE Fukuoka
IAA Osaka
Isuzu Makuhari
JU Ibaraki
JU Ishikawa
KCAA Ebino
LAA Shikoku
ORIX Atsugi
USS Fujioka
USS Fukuoka
USS Kobe
USS Niigata
USS Sapporo
USS Tohoku
ARAI Oyama
GAO! TENDER Gulliver
GE Kobe
HAA Osaka (Hanaten)
Isuzu Kyushu
JU Aichi
JU Fukushima
JU Gunma
JU Hiroshima
JU Kanagawa
JU Sapporo
JU Toyama
KCAA Fukuoka
LAA Kansai
NAA Nagoya
NAA Osaka
ORIX Fukuoka
ORIX Nagoya
SAA Hamamatsu
TAA Chubu
TAA Hokkaido
TAA Kantou
TAA Touhoku
USS R Tokyo
USS Tokyo
ZIP Osaka
ZiP Osaka
ARAI Bayside
Isuzu Kobe
JAA Tsukuba
JU Chiba
JU Fukuoka
JU Miyagi
JU Niigata
JU Okayama LAA
JU Okinawa
JU Tochigi
KCAA Yamaguchi
KUA Katayamazu
NAA Tokyo
USS Hokuriku
USS Nagoya
USS Osaka
USS Saitama
White Wing
ARAI Oyama
HAA Kobe
JU Gifu
JU Nara
NAA Nagoya Nyu
NAA Osaka
NAA Tokyo Nyuusatsu
TAA Yokohama
USS Gunma
USS Kyushu
USS Okayama
USS Ryuutsu
USS Shizuoka
AS Members
AS Oneprice
Apple Stock
BAYAUC Oneprice
CAA Chubu Oneprice
CAA Gifu Oneprice
CAA Tohoku Oneprice
CAA ZIP Tokyo Oneprice
GAO Stock
HAA Kobe Oneprice
Hero Oneprice
Ippatsu Stock
JAA Kasai Oneprice
JAA Tsukuba Oneprice
Korea Oneprice One
Kyouyuu Stock
Syoudan Stock
USS Stock


Register as a member for free access to Japan Car Auctions. Up to 150,000 vehicles are auctioned in Japan every week with over 1.5 Million vehicles in the Sold Statistics to search through.

Japanese Car Auctions have something for everyone!

Pay Pal or Telegraphic Transfer your deposit for bidding and you are ready to bid on vehicles through Motor Grupo buyers at the auction houses. The bidding deposit is deducted from the final invoice once a successful bid has been won.

This deposit is refundable for any reason prior to purchasing from the Japanese car auctions. (please refer to our Terms and Conditions).

Every vehicle going through the Japanese car auctions has a detailed report prepared by the professional vehicle inspectors from the auction.Motor Grupo Buyers can translate the auction sheet for you so you know all aspects good and bad about the vehicle.

Once we purchase the vehicle from auction, your final payment via T.T. (Telegraphic Transfer, Bank Transfer) is requiredwithin 7 days, then once payment is received the car is processed for shipping and shipped on the next available ship!

We do not charge a per bid fee, so you can bid on as many vehicles as needed to secure the vehicle you are wanting.